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2013 Ford Fiesta (coupe)

Ford Fiesta Sport Plus

Ford Motor intends to deduce the limited version of Ford Fiesta (hatchback) which receives brand name «Ford Fiesta Sport+». As declare top management of Ford Motor, she cannot be considered as replacement for Fiesta RS, but in special series the hatchback receives sports body and more powerful, than usually, the engine.

Ford Fiesta Sport+

The new sports Ford Fiesta receives other aerodynamic body-kit — aggressive bumper, mouldings on thresholds, special spoiler and the back choke tube with doubled exhaust system.

Fiesta Sport+ receives the modernised 1,6-litre engine Duratec Ti-VCT developing 134HP (160Nm). Though the increase of power in comparison with the habitual 1,6-litre motor is insignificant — only 14 "horses", but it allowed to Fiesta to bite off the whole 1,2 seconds on sprint to 100 km/h. The maximum speed of sports version — 195 km/h.

While tell only about sales in Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium at the price from 18,090 euros.

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2013 Ford Fiesta (coupe) + sport