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The Canadian Car Insurance
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The auto insurance in Canada is partially similar to the auto-insurance in US where separate States have the right to establish the own game rules. In Canada approximately the same situation.

According to polls of Association of consumers of Canada, such device allows inhabitants of provinces to pay for the insurance the smaller sum, than inhabitants of those countries where insurance is carried out by the state monopolies.

But among the Canadian provinces a distinction of car insurances is so unlogical. So, for example, in Quebec the car insurance will permissibly only if you have the normal health (no cancer, no AIDS).

Speaking about the Canadian autoinsurance as a whole, it's necessary to notice that autoinsurance on all territory of the country is the obligatory fact. But one risk also obligatory everywhere — «Accident Benefits» — this insurance defrays all medical expenses after failure, and also losses owing to the capacity loss. And this risk work without dependence from the one who is guilty of incident, from here its second name (no fault).

The majority of the car insurance companies of Canada are members of the Canadian Bureau of Insurance which in aggregate represents about 75% from all car insurance in the Italy.

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The Canadian Car Insurance + road