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Hybrid Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Category: Best Use of Live Events and or Celebrity endorsement
Advertiser: TOYOTA
Product/Service: PRIUS

The Strategy Overall. In our campaign "Harmony Between Man, Nature and Machine" we showcased Prius as a positive influence on people and nature — transforming the world for the better. To highlight Prius’ innovative technology, we placed oversized Solar Flower sculptures up to 18 feet high in six major cities. The sculptures served as outdoor "hot spot" destinations with seating for up to ten people each, solar-powered charging stations and free Wi-Fi access. Solar ventilation bus shelters featured solar panels on the roof that helped run fans to cool waiting bus riders, demonstrating Prius’ Solar Powered Ventilation System.

Media Strategy. PR was the key to drive attendance in the six markets and generate mass awareness outside of them. We looked beyond local press to national, environmental, automotive and marketing media, targeting high-value outlets that would spawn countless more articles and blog posts. We used social media to reach influencers and extend the buzz.

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