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2011 Toyota Celica GT4

Toyota Celica

The car is prepared specially for arrivals Time Attack. A problem was to find out, how much quickly there can go the car with the engine power to 700HP.

Toyota Celica GT4

British tuning company Fensport has set for itself a problem to squeeze out a maximum of possibilities of the 2,1-l engine. With that end in view the engine was considerable is improved mechanically. In particular, has appeared a turbo-supercharging from Turbo Dynamics (model MD355), are replaced on calculated on the big loadings etc. As a result power of the engine has made some components of the engine a minimum of 700HP, are assured by developers. It was necessary to test the car only.

Arrival has taken place on airdrome Woodbridge strip, near the city of Ipswich in the Great Britain. The maximum speed — 325 km/h. Racer Adrian Smith which was at the wheel of the car has twisted, that it is far not a limit of possibilities of the created car as for the speed approximately in 180 miles at an o'clock (290 km/h) the strong lateral wind has worsened controllability that has a little lowered rate of dispersal.

It's remarkable, that to 325 km/h Toyota Celica GT4 it could be dispersed on a site, extent in 1,1 miles. At present it's the fastest Toyota Celica from officially registered in the Great Britain.

Toyota Celica GT-S

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2011 Toyota Celica GT4 + turbo