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In 2015 Toyota will offer cars on hydrogen

Toyota Highlander

According to strategy Takeshi Uchiyamada, the executive vice-president on planning and high technologies Toyota Motor, the company can begin manufacture of cars on hydrogen by 2015.

Toyota will fill with hydrogen

In interview Uchiyamada has told, that by then Toyota can have a small amount of cars on hydrogen fuel for those countries where there are filling stations. He has added, that in the presence of refuellings cars on hydrogen fuel elements, predictably, will be cheaper, than electric vehicles as hydrogen elements are necessary in smaller volume.

Takeshi Uchiyamada has refused to inform type of cars which will apply for modernisation. As is known, now the company tests the car on hydrogen elements Toyota Highlander. According to Toyota, the crossover is capable to pass 644 km without refuelling. Besides, Toyota carries on negotiations with a number of large cities concerning creation of a necessary infrastructure for cars on fuel elements.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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In 2015 Toyota will offer cars on hydrogen + Toyota