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Audi represents tuning for hatchback A1

Audi A1

Company Audi has extended the official information on sport package S-Line which is developed for compact hatchback A1, whose premiere has taken place in Geneva.

Audi A1 S-Line

S-Line Includes wheels and tyres of the increased dimension, more rigid options of a suspension bracket and additional elements of a weather-cloth a body, giving to the car more a sports view.

Sport package S-Line will be offered in two variants. The first of them (under name Exterior) includes only installation of other forward bumper with the increased air inlets and additional ventilating apertures on each side, new overlays on thresholds of a body, a back spoiler, and also slightly changed back bumper.

The second variant — S-Line Sport Package — includes 17 or 18-inch wheel disks, an adjustable sports suspension bracket, and also other steering wheel and the seats sheathed by a skin.

Compact hatchback A1

Hatchback A1

Compact hatchback A1

Modernisation of engines is not included into these programs of completions. The compact hatchback will be offered still with standard motors — two petrol units with direct injection of fuel and two turbodiesels.

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