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Legal experts have demanded to close databank ELENA

German legal experts (FoeBuD) have demanded to recognise illegality of state databank Elena which contains detailed data about 40 million citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, informs Spiegel.

«Good intentions»

Database Elena has been created in the beginning of 2010 for the purpose of reduction of bureaucratic red tape. Each employer without fail should send data about the employees.

In data was specified: a date and birth place, the size of the salary, individual number of the tax bearer, the size of the tax for minor children, the reason of dismissals and other unique features. All data contain on the governmental webhosting.

The information collected thus should help social services during the shortest time to find out, the citizen has the right to demand support from the state or not. After protests of representatives of trade unions, the consent not to disclose data about trade-union activity of employees or about their participation in strikes is received.

Also, trade unions have achieved from the government of restriction of access to a web hosting. Thus access to a database is given only for police warrants and national security service.

ELENA: "I know all about you!"

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Legal experts have demanded to close databank ELENA + world