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2011 Mustang GT: Prototype CAI & Dyno Tune — Huge Power Gains!

2011 Mustang GT

Our 2011 5.0L Mustang GT, a Prototype CAI, and the Bama Custom Tuning Team.

Within 24 hours of taking possession of our 2011, we turned our Bama Custom Tuning division loose on some exclusive prototypes for upgrades to see what performance gains they could squeeze out of the GT. With a custom tune developed on our dyno and an exclusive new CAI prototype from C&L Performance, we were able to feed our need for speed. Read more and watch the video at

Here’s a summary of our chassis dyno testing:

* Stock — no modifications: 363RWHP / 331RWTQ
* Factory tune, Prototype C&L cold air intake: 374RWHP / 338RWTQ
* Bama Custom Tune, stock Airbox: 379RWHP / 357RWTQ
* Bama Custom Tune, Prototype C&L cold air intake: 385RWHP / 362RWTQ
2011 Mustang GT 5.0L owners can expect a nice performance bump from just a tune alone. These numbers rival the high output of the SVT Performance group’s Supercharged 2003-2004 Cobra and various other high performance models from Ford’s Specialty Vehicles Team. Camaros and Challengers, watch out! With a Bama Tune installed, the new 5.0L has become the leader of the pack!

In addition to the rear wheel horsepower and torque gains, drivers will experience better throttle response, faster/firmer shifting, and an overall increase in driveability. These hot new calibrations are available immediately, exclusively from Final production versions of the C&L cold air intake will be ready to purchase from AmericanMuscle before the end of summer, 2010. Stay tuned for more exclusive prototype test results and footage!

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2011 Mustang GT: Prototype CAI & Dyno Tune — Huge Power Gains! + tuning