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Anniversary Fairlady Z by Nissan

Coupe Nissan

After the lapse of four decades from the moment of exit Datsun 240Z on the market of the United States, the company is going to present the special version to memorial commemoration.

2010 Nissan 370Z

The very first Datsun 240Z has crossed ocean in 1969 and has gone on sale in the USA on October, 22nd, i.e. 40 years ago. It was the 1st sportcar Nissan which has entered the North US car market. Then 240Z it was offered at the price from $3,626US. Power of the 2,4-l 6-cylinder engine made 150HP, and in a combination the 4-step mechanical transmission was offered.

Nissan 370Z

In honour of memorial Nissan Motor prepares an anniversary series of present generation of model — 370Z. It will go on sale in the United States in the spring of the next year. The circulation is limited, but the exact size is not informed.

The special colour of the body developed specially for a limited series becomes the main external difference anniversary 370Z — car colouring is called «40th Quartz».

The car will receive the improved brake mechanisms with the supports painted in red colour. There will be 19-inch carbon wheels Rays having smoky chromium plating. The 3,7-l engine power of 332HP will not differ from other versions 370Z, but within the limits of an anniversary series will offer only mechanical transmission. All cars will receive differential of the strengthened friction.

Wheels Rays

In salon there will be the sports armchairs sheathed by a natural skin of red colour with an anniversary engraving on backs, sports overlays on pedals, lever MKPP from the polished aluminium. The wheel sheathed by a skin also will receive a red proline.
The label reminding of an accessory of the car to a limited series will appear both on body Nissan Fairlady Z and in salon.

Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition

As to cost Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition the price will appoint not earlier than the next spring, directly ahead of the beginning of sales.

Interior Nissan 370Z

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Anniversary Fairlady Z by Nissan + wheels