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Audiosimulator from Ford


Company Ford has developed a virtual simulator of sounds in car salon, having borrowed some technologies of video games and space branch. Depending on the options chosen by the engineer, the system is capable to reproduce that sound picture which would be in salon during real driving.

Parametres of a sound spectrum

As it is informed on a site of a motor-car manufacturer, the program considers surrounding conditions on road (a tunnel, a high-speed highway), power setting and transmissions, and also other conditions of driving — only 76 parametres.

According to leading engineer Ford, at a car choice sound conditions in the car play very important role for the buyer. In the future the company plans to receive a feedback from interested persons to hear, as this or that car "sounds". And the simulator is capable to calculate noise level not only in cars of mark Ford, but also in cars of competitors.

Virtual Vehicle Sound Simulator by Ford

On a plan of developers, the program named Virtual Vehicle Sound Simulator, will allow a motor-car manufacturer to know about sound conditions in this or that car till the creation moment. By means of this system Ford can save on building of prototypes of cars, and also on terms of working out of new models.

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