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Compact model Infiniti becomes electric

Infiniti concept

The compact car of company Infiniti which will appear in the market roughly in 2012 and will compete with BMW 1-Series and Audi A3, becomes an electrocar. On it informs edition Auto Express referring to not named source in firm.
"Compact electric Infiniti it will be unequivocal, just as also larger models", — the interlocutor of magazine has added.

Compact electrocar Infiniti

Under the preliminary information, compact electrocar Infiniti begins to be equipped with the same power-plant which is used in the first mass to company Nissan electrocar — Leaf. Hatchback Leaf, whose full-scale manufacture will begin next year, the stock of a course throughout 160 kilometres begins to be completed with an electric motor power of 109HP and the storage batteries, providing to the car. The full gymnastics of these accumulators from the household electric system are carried out approximately 8 hours.

As assume some foreign editions, compact car Infiniti also will receive versions with usual internal combustion engines and updating with a body "coupe-cabriolet".

Conceptual Infiniti Essence

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