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Complex tuning for Nissan GT-R from AVUS Performance

Nissan GT-R

Tuning studio AVUS Performance has developed a complex package for improvement of technical characteristics and appearance Nissan GT-R. All components can be got both together, and separately. Appearance of the car has not undergone considerable changes in the design plan, but developers from AVUS Performance offer the popular decision — the strong matte black film completely covering a body of the car. Processing of a surface by a matte vinyl film will manage in 2,499 euros.

Matte-black Nissan GT-R

For controllability improvement a number of elements also is provided. For example, the prorates expanding a track of wheels — their cost makes 349 euros. It is possible to complete suspension bracket completion by the improved elements for 1,299 euros, 20-inch carbon wheels covered with a black matte varnish, on the car will appear for 999 euros.

Black Nissan

Characteristics standard 3,8-l V6 have considerably improved after installation of the reprogrammed electronic block of management (cost new ECU makes considerable 1,899 euros), and also occurrence of high-efficiency system of release for 998 euros. As a result power of engine Nissan GT-R makes now 580HP, and twisting moment — 700Nm.

Competitive cost of tuning variant Nissan GT-R

Thus, the total sum which can be spent for tuning GT-R even within the limits of a package from Avus Performance turns out rather impressive. Nevertheless, against similar on level the offer of other companies, especially in Europe, cost looks enough competitive.

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