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Honda will make a limited series of Civic Type R Mugen

Honda Civic

All cars will be collected manually in the Great Britain and will differ not only the improved characteristics, but also rather high price — $64,000US for each of 20 cars.

Limited version Honda Civic Type-R

Honda Motor authorises for manufacture Civic Type R Mugen at the enterprise in the Great Britain. In total 20 cars will be collected only. According to vice-president Mugen Euro Hiroki Toyoda, the company counts on the success similar to volume that the similar promo-action in Japan when 300 cars Civic Type RR in a body a sedan have been sold within first six minutes has received.

The European version differs careful operational development by experts Mugen. 2,0-l the 4-cylinder petrol engine is considerably modernised — power makes now 240HP at 8 300 rpm — on 40HP more than at the standard version. The engine has received the special pistons, the reprogrammed electronic block of management, sports system of release from stainless steel, and also a high-efficiency inlet path.

The advanced engine is combined with 6-step mechanical transmission with the pull together transfer numbers, more powerful brakes with specially developed supports, and also the carbon wheel disks, everyone in weight in 7,85 kg, that on 1/3 it is easier, than wheels of standard model.
The maximum speed of the car makes, agrees to data of the manufacturer, 241 km/h, and dispersal to 100 km/h for 6,0 sec.

Civic Type R

Each of 20 cars will be painted in firm colour of sports cars Honda — Championship White. Also there will be the unique aerodynamic weather-cloth developed specially for a given series. For Honda Civic Type R Mugen the package of additional equipment Track Pack will be accessible.

Sports armchairs Recaro and the racing tyres which application is supposed and on roads of the general using enter into a tuning variation. Cost Civic Type-R Mugen will make by approximate calculations about 39,599 pounds sterling or $64,000US or 42,900 euro. The company does not specify, whether all cars collected in the Great Britain will have a right-hand arrangement of a wheel or not.

European variant: Honda Civic

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Honda will make a limited series of Civic Type R Mugen + unique