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Hybrid tuning for Toyota Prius

Hybrid Toyota Prius

Tuners not often undertake operational development of hybrid cars, preferring more powerful cars, but recently studio nevertheless began to pay more than attention to hybrids, for example, on Toyota Prius last generation.

Hybrid Toyota Prius by TOMMYKAIRA

The sad design of an ex-terrier hybrid Toyota Prius does not cause enthusiastic emotions in potential buyers who first of all appreciate profitability in the car. But after in studio TOMMYKAIRA for the car have developed body-kit, Toyota Prius can safely apply for a rank of the legislator of a fashion in the segment.

Toyota Prius concept 2010

In studio for hybrid model have created at once some variants of stylings-packages, but all of them include same: an aggressive forward bumper with additional optics, the forward spoiler, a new lattice of a radiator. Many details are executed from carbon. A special glamour to the car give a new exhaust system with four branch pipes and 18-inch disks of various design.

Cost body-kit yet does not disclose studio TOMMYKAIRA.

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