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Lexus Black Bison

Lexus RX450h

It's impossible to name design Lexus RX350 aggressive as the car was created not for races on a track, and for slow and comfortable driving on city streets.

Aggressive Lexus

However studio Wald International has tried to introduce new aggressive notes in shape of the Japanese crossover, having created for model the styling-package which has received name Black Bison traditional for this company.

In studio experts have developed a bodi-whale at once for two crossovers of mark Lexus — petrol RX350 and hybrid RX450h. Tuners have laid down the aim For themselves — to give to cars more a sports view, that finally and it was possible to them.

For Lexus RX350 and RX450h have prepared new forward bumpers with wide air inlets, original back a bumper, other lattices of a radiator and exhaust systems with four branch pipes everyone.

Lexus RX350

Black Lexus

Carbon wheel disk

Lexus exhaust systems

At will of the customer, salon of cars Lexus RX350 and RX450h will complete with aluminium overlays on the pedal block and will throw on a floor special rugs with a company logo.

Lexus RX350 by Black Bison

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