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New info about a new Nissan Micra

Official sketch

After all couple of weeks after publication of official design sketches Nissan Motor, on the Internet there were the images showing more traditional and quiet appearance.

Alternation of generations Nissan Micra (in Japan March) should take place already in the end of the next year, having marked itself arrival of new global model Nissan to offer which the company is full determination in more than in 150 countries of the world. The initial sketches showing courageous enough decisions looked especially unusual. Actually all can appear a little bit more prosy, that, nevertheless, will not belittle consumer qualities new Nissan Micra.

2011 Nissan Micra

Nissan MicraDebut Nissan Micra should take place 2011 modelling years in first half of next year. It's not excluded what for the first time to see the car in metal it will be possible in the spring on the international motor show in Geneva.

Novelty sales will begin by the end of 2010. Such models as Citroen C3 and Ford Fiesta become basic competitors Micra in Europe, but is remarkable, that assemblage of the Japanese car will not be carried out any more in the Europe (present generation Micra make in the Great Britain).

Commercial adv: Nissan Micra

Manufacture of a novelty for Europe will adjust at the new Indian enterprise of alliance Renault-Nissan in the city of Chenai. In total assemblage of model it is planned to carry out in five countries, including in Thailand and China.

If concerning appearance new Micra much starts to clear up, about a technical stuffing of updated version Nissan Micra the official information while is absent. The unique official comment from representatives Nissan Motor consists that «new engines Micra will allow owners to receive a maximum of tax privileges, considering their high ecological compatibility».

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New info about a new Nissan Micra + updated