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New Nissan GT-R will appear in four years

New Nissan GT-R

By 2013 company Nissan is full determination to prepare supercar GT-R of following generation — R36. The vice-president has informed On it in interview to the British network edition PistonHeads on global planning of release of products of Andy Palmer.

Modernised variant Nissan GT-R

As he said, the novelty will be constructed on the modernised platform supercar Nissan GT-R of current generation, will keep system of a full drive with placed before a back axis of the car a transmission and begins to be equipped still with the six-cylinder petrol engine with two turbines.

Now Nissan GT-R it's equipped with 480-strong motor V6 with two turbines which works together with the six-step robotised transmission with two couplings. According to the Japanese motor-car manufacturer, with 0 to 100 km/h such car is capable to be dispersed for 3,5 seconds and to reach the maximum speed of 310 km/h.

The updated version of legendary Nissan

Let's notice, that next year on the market there is an updated version a supercar which will receive more rigid suspension bracket, additional lateral air inlets in a back part the bodies improving cooling of brake mechanisms, and also recustomized for conformity to ecological standards "Euro-5" the engine.

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