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Nissan Fuga of a New Generation

Nissan Fuga

Premier display of the car has taken place on the International motor show in Tokyo, and in sale in home market the model will arrive till the end of this year.

Historical opposition of the Japanese cars

The debut in the homeland the model, perhaps, gives the definitive answer to a question on that, «that was earlier» — Nissan or Infiniti, after all it is known, that Nissan Fuga and Infiniti M — practically identical cars, but the first is accessible only in Japan (where brand Infiniti is not presented in general), and the second — in many markets worldwide.

At practically full external similarity with Infiniti M, Fuga will receive some technical differences, first of all, engines. For the Japanese sedan the acquaintance on models Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37, but differing options becomes base 2,6-l V6 which for Infiniti M will not be offered, and the most powerful — 3,7-l V6.

Sedan Nissan Fuga

Sedan Fuga

While Infiniti M will appear on sale not earlier than the next spring (in the USA), Nissan Fuga it will be accessible to purchase in Japan this year. Exact date and the prices, the truth, are not called. Before others Japanese can get and the hybrid version of model. If Infiniti M35 Hybrid will appear outside of Japan not earlier than spring of 2011 in the homeland under name Fuga, the car can be got in the autumn of the next year. Technical characteristics of the hybrid version are not informed by the manufacturer, but two basic principles are declared.

Infiniti M = Nissan Fuga, or
Nissan Fuga = Infiniti M

Interior Nissan Fuga

According to the first, the expense of fuel will not exceed values of models of a dimensional class With, i.e., for example, Nissan Tiida. The second principle consists that the hybrid on the road performance should correspond as much as possible to a sports sedan, instead of to an economic vehicle. As two these contrasts will get on in new Fuga Hybrid, will show the near future.

Sedan Nissan Fuga

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