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Nissan Viewt by Mitsuoka Motors

Minicar Nissan

The car is modernised about conformity to the Japanese standards of safety and now completely answers them, keeping original appearance.

Not ordinary Mitsuoka Motor

Perhaps, the most unusual among all Japanese motor-car manufacturers — Mitsuoka Motors — continues to go own by, anywhere not turning off, despite of safety rules changing towards strengthening. Modernisation of model Viewt which for the first time was issued in 1993 and now presented in second generation becomes the next proof to it.

For basis Mitsuoka Viewt known minicar Nissan March (in Europe — Micra), but stylised under the British automobile design of 50th of last century is taken. It is supposed, that a basis for formation of shape Viewt became Jaguar MkII that managed to achieve change of forward and back part March, having left a roof line, doorways and salon practically without changes.

Nissan Viewt

After modernisation Viewt loses in originality of shape a little because new requirements to safety of pedestrians forbid installation on new cars of the bumpers supporting dimensions. Thus, Viewt loses the chromeplated bumpers with canines which especially accurately corresponded to shape of the car of 50th years, and not only British.

Retrobasis Mitsuoka Viewt

Interior Viewt

In an interior practically without changes, except for the occurrence of new level of furnish simulating a natural tree on the forward console and an instrument guard. Armchairs Viewt are sheathed, as before, by a natural skin.

Interior Nissan Viewt

It's necessary to add, that it, perhaps, last restyling Viewt as next year alternation of generations Nissan March is expected that will cause necessity of creation new Viewt.

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