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Official debut: Toyota FT86

Toyota FT86

The car of joint working out with Subaru enters in final stages of preparation for a batch production which beginning is planned on the end of 2011.

Concept coupe Toyota FT86

After the numerous hearings accompanying each official statement Toyota Motor concerning destiny of project FT86, the car has appeared before public at opening of the International motor show in Tokyo.

The company repeatedly declared earlier, that will finish the project though the uneasy economic situation which has become aggravated in the end of the past year, threatened to give up as a bad job efforts of developers. The car is created in common by experts Toyota and Subaru, therefore combines the decisions developed by both companies. In particular, FT86 receives 2-l 4-cylinder petrol engine Boxer.

Toyota FT86 Concept

Technical characteristics are not promulgated, but it was initially supposed, that power of the engine should make not less than 200HP. Engine Subaru is combined with 6-step mechanical transmission of working out Toyota. It's not known, whether the serial version will receive other type of transmission, but the mechanical transmission will be present unequivocally.

Concept FT86 it urged to revive inexpensive rear-wheel coupe in modelling number Toyota and to become the first similar model among Subaru though plans concerning this mark while unequivocally are not generated.

Toyota FT86 under the reasonable price

Thus initial reference points are kept concerning the final price. As chief engineer Toyota Motor Tetsuya Tada has declared, cost of serial version FT86 should not exceed $20,000US, at least on the cores for model the markets.

Toyota Concept

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