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The loudest and fast cars will collect in Las Vegas

SEMA tuning

This year, despite a heavy financial situation in the world and instability of dollar, in Las Vegas will take place tuning show SEMA. Abbreviation SEMA is deciphered as “Association of Manufacturers of the Special Equipment”. Based in 1963, unites suppliers of various tuning and racing "gadgets".

Exhibition of fans of the charged cars

Annually this exhibition unites all fans of the "charged" cars. Besides, SEMA is the quite good indicator of real popularity of new models of cars. All is simple: what model most of all the companies will alter — that and becomes the best seller.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

This year most of all attention it is given two novelties: Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and, of course, to a new icon of America — Chevrolet Camaro. Last — it is doubtless, the most long-awaited debut of this year. How many drudgeries were with start of it a compartment, how many expectations and gamble — and now enthusiasts from small "garage" workshops have got access to a novelty. With Camaro it is impossible to count number of stands, but basically all can be divided on two categories: those who works with power, and those who tries to change a body.

While GM only prepares for manufacture a cabriolet, some cabriolet Camaro have already made: for example tuning workshop Drop Top Customs. Other extreme variant — Camaro with the 700-strong version of the motor from Corvette ZR-1 from enough known company Hennessey. And for fans absolutely exotic at once some firms are ready to transform Camaro in Pontiac Trans Am — the brand already is not present, and novelties still appear. In vain, all the same GM "has killed" Pontiac... It was possible to leave a brand at least for the sake of cult models and to make them in small lots.

Hyundai Genesis at exhibition SEMA

Unusually, but the fact: at an exhibition it will be shown Hyundai Genesis, prepared in the Japanese tuning studio GReddy. Genesis even before occurrence became cult: accessible effective rear-wheel coupe many waited. For a basis of project GReddy was the factory copy of model equipped with a 2-l 4-cylinder turbo-engine is taken. After completion power of the engine has grown with 210 to 350HP, and twisting moment — with 300 to 430Nm. Dispersal with 0 to 100 km/h for 6 sec.

Genesis has received six-piston forward and four-piston back supports, a sports exhaust system, an aerodynamic spoiler and carbon wheel disks with tyres Toyo. In salon have completed sports sitting Sparco. According to representatives GReddy, the given package of options for compartment Genesis will be accessible to sale. Thus further it is planned to present also the 500-strong engine.

Jeep will show at once some versions Wrangler, but it is the most interesting — Mopar Lower Forty with huge wheels and a huge road gleam. The most valuable in Mopar Lower Forty — that made conversion itself Jeep, not resorting to services of foreign offices, that is for quality of work and is guaranteed safe result it is possible not to doubt. But chances to see something similar in a series are not present: too an exotic product.

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The loudest and fast cars will collect in Las Vegas + turbo