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Tommy Kaira has improved Nissan GT-R

Legendary Nissan GT-R

Japanese studio Tommykaira is aimed at especially careful work of stylists and designers. The aerodynamic weather-cloth from a carbon fibre becomes a basis of external tuning. Besides carbon it is planned to use the plastic painted in primary colour of a body. The main task designers see giving GT-R of the aggressive shape which is not beaten out from stylistics of legendary series GT-R, and opposite, supercar only underlining high potential.

Legendary car Nissan GT-R

Tommykaira informs nothing on plans concerning technical tuning, but more than possibly, that characteristics Nissan of the standard 3,8-litre engine will improve, the same will concern a suspension bracket and brake system. The first display finished Tommykaira the car should take place in November, and the full-scale presentation is planned within the limits of annual Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 which will take place in Tokyo in January of the next year.

Legendary car Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

It's necessary to notice, that positions Tommykaira in Japan in the field of tuning are not so strong, as at the main competitors, however this name by right is considered one of the most dear in the environment as the company is present in the market since 1968 and for a number of years was the sample of the Japanese tuning as that.

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