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Ford Focus RS by Wolf Racing

Ford Focus RS

Company Wolf Racing known for that in the late seventies prepared the last century racing versions Ford Sierra, and participating in rally in group N, has presented the tuning program for "charged" hatchback Ford Focus RS.

Ford Focus RS360 by Wolf Racing

In studio suggest to increase power of the engine with 300 to 360HP. Return of 2,5-l 5-cylinder engine Ford Focus RS increases at the expense of reprogramming of the block by management by the motor and turbo-accelerator modernisation. Cost of such completion makes 1,299 euros.

Besides, the sport package for the "charged" hatchback includes installation of the truncated springs in cost 219 euros, a new adjustable suspension bracket (1,299 euros), and also 20-inch wheel disks, cost 399 euros for a piece. Also in company Wolf Racing offer various stickers on a body which can be executed in one of eight shades: grey, silvery, dark blue, red, orange, yellow, black or white. Cost of stickers makes 98 euros.

Premiere Ford Focus RS with a sport package from Wolf Racing will take place in the end of November of current year on a motor show in Essen, Germany.

Ford Focus RS by Loder1899

Earlier, one more German tuning studio — Loder1899 — also has shown the program of completions for Focus RS. The tuning version includes increase in power of the engine to 345HP, the suspension bracket underestimated on 35 mm and firm 20-inch wheel disks.

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