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Porsche will make the accessible car

Porsche Boxter

Porsche is going to make on the market absolutely new model which becomes the cheapest in a company ruler. About it writes British Autocar referring to the insider information. platform R4

According to the edition, the novelty with a working code 356 will be based on the same platform, as roadster Audi R4 which working out is conducted in parallel with project Porsche. The engine located in the middle of a body will have volume about two litres, and power taking into account a turbo-supercharging will reach 250HP.

According to some information, 356 will come in the stead of base complete sets Porsche Boxster. The novelty debut will take place yet soon — in the end of 2012, on one and a half year later Audi R4. The car Guiding price will make $55,000.

Roadster Porsche Boxter S

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Porsche will make the accessible car + turbo