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The best used cars for last 10 years

Volkswagen Golf

With development of crisis tendencies in our society used cars become again more and more actual.

The best purchase — the used car

Authoritative American edition Consumer Reports considers purchase of the good used car till three years almost as the best purchase therefore as the basic depreciation already happens, and on technologies and safety the three-year car practically does not concede to absolutely new models.

In the new research by employees of the edition data about more than 1,4 million cars of 1999-2008 of release have been collected. Automobile owners asked to tell about problems which have arisen with their car for last year by 17 basic parts of the car — from transmission before body damages.

Certainly, the car condition strongly depends on, how operation. However some models all the same feel a little bit better than the others. For example, the majority of models Toyota and Honda. In general, the Japanese cars look which year better than representatives of other countries successively. The European models also show rather quite good results, however with gradual ageing at them arises more and more problems.

Land Cruiser

Not always the oldest cars had the most serious problems. So, for example after the electrician hybrid Saturn Vue Green Line of 2007 became the worst car in research. About a quarter of owners have specified in problems in this system, especially with the accumulator.

For comparison, other hybrids — Ğ¢oyota Prius, Toyota Highlander, Honda Civic and Ford Escape — have been deprived any serious lacks. And here, for example, all-wheel drive miniveins Chrysler of 2001 had a large quantity of problems on all systems, for example, on a body — doors, locks of doors, luggage carrier doors. And here 17% of owners Acura CLs of 2001 are necessary to repair or change a transmission.

Volkswagen Passat

The most "popular" problems among all cars were malfunction of indicators on the control panel (for example, check-engine), breakages of glasses and various noise in salon.

Rating of the best used cars

The most widespread problems for three-year cars - noise, damages of a body and the power unit. The average car at this age has 43 breakages/100 cars. The best indicator — at Lexus SC, Toyota Highlander and Toyota Prius — only 13 breakages/100 cars.

For cars till 5 years in the most problem knot brakes are. Average result on this age - already 62 breakages/100 cars. However at the best model — Toyota Echo — again 13 breakages/100 cars.

At last, the oldest cars — 1999 of release — have on the average 124 breakages on 100 cars. Thus the best representatives of this age — four-cylinder pickups.

Toyota Tacoma and Lexus LS have 49 breakages/100 cars, whereas at the most unreliable model 2008 of modelling year, Chrysler Sebring Convertible, them 59/100 cars.

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