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Top Pickup Trucks to Buy in 2016 (Ratings and Reviews)

2016 is soon coming and you're about to make a big resolution. This might include buying a new pickup truck. We're here to help you make best decision by performing accurate reviews and references. There will be affluent choices in terms of ready-to-buy pickups on 2016 markets. Heavy duty trucks are hot, and hotter every single year. There, many of truck makers, say Toyota, Ford, Ram, GMC and the like, as experienced players in the segment, gave a statement that they have made and owned the best diesel-operated truck productions. In terms of fuel efficiency, emissions or gas mileage, the pickup must touch the top EPA’s mpg ratings – it’s pretty simple to compare. But when it talks about quality and performance, the comparisons will dramatically be tougher to make.

Another category could be the best for the money which isn’t so complicated to choose. Today’s use of a big truck is becoming varying. Some owners tend to drive their trucks on certain occasions only, for towing 5th wheel or a travel trailer, for instance. And yet not less of them have been making a use of truck for daily driving. Whether you’re using your diesel-propelled truck for hauling or off roading to spend weekends, there are a lot of things to consider before buying. 2016 is somehow the year where all segments of vehicle markets getting crowded.

Ford F-350 – One thing that many people hate is, old-fashioned cabin and the whole interior decor and design.
GMC Sierra 3500 – Performance is number one, while it lost in some areas like elegance and convenience.
Ram 3500 – It’s not the strongest one, while the Ram 3500 has for long won interior styling games. It means we have no more recommendations of other brands for the best pickup truck’s interior comfort except this one.
Chevy Silverado – MSRp $5,860, front-placed engine, four-wheel drive, 5 passengers, 4 doors. 6.6-l, 397hp, 765lb turbodiesel V8. 6 speed automatic. acceleration 7.8 secs.

best trucks 2016
best trucks 2016

We'd listed this collection of the best 2016 pickup trucks based on a couple of reliable resources. It comes from outstanding automobile magazines such as Car and Driver, KBB and so on. Let's get the ball rolling.

1. Car and Driver's Ratings

- Nissan Titan: The truck has just got refined in this year to become a 2016-gen Titan. Using a new diesel based engine from Cummins, the truck seems to appear much better in performance and more aggressive in look. (unranked)

- Toyota Tundra: Learn more here.
- RAM 1500: Offering graceful ride even though roaring in tough tracks. This is chosen as the third option of the "most unwanted" trucks.
- GMC Sierra 1500
- Chevy Silverado 1500
- 2016 Ford F-150

2. Kelly Blue Book

Having some different research, the KBB has revealed its suggestions for pickup truck customers. And the scoring order for 2016 is like this: 2016 Chevy Colorado Diesel - Nissan Titan XD, 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

3. Edmunds' Truck Buying Guide for 2016

Compact versions: 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, 2016 GMC Canyon, 2016 Tacoma

Light-duty versions: 2016 RAM 1500, 2016 Ford F-150, 2016 Chevy Silverado, 2016 GMC Sierra

Heavy-duty versions: 2016 RAM 3500/2500, 2016 Silverado HD 3500/2500, 2016 Ford F-450/350/250, 2016 Sierra 3500/2500

Now your turn to choose..!! For more information please go to the official website of each manufacturer. Since if you rely on commercial websites, you’ll get no stuff but conspiracy games. Those are the for choices for the best diesel truck engine 2016.

Driving behind a semitrailer(s), big or very big, must be the most hated thing for all small-car drivers. The worst situation comes when you’re on one-track roads even congested. You have many times seen a big screen behind the long truck displayed ads or just a big sticker scripted “stay away”. Sure, that means almost nothing. But, did you ever imagine or wish something else the truck should show from its tail? Probably, yes, you’ve ever had such thought. Great news, it’d come real!

how much samsung security truck cost
how much samsung security truck cost
Driving safety seems to be a global responsibility since then and forever. For automakers, it’s been their priority to produce as safe vehicles as possible, for drivers, since they’re customers. However, it’s a rare thing finding a vehicle not only features its driver security equipment, but also for other drivers on the roads. Samsung, as electronics manufacturers, is planning for a new story.

Let’s call “Samsung Safety Truck”; a new roading safety technology draws upon wireless cameras to monitor anything at front of a the long trailer truck and allow the vehicles behind know what’s going on. The cameras send what they capture to the wide video screen at the rear truck. This makes rushing drivers easier to pass the truck with less risks. The innovation is evoked by the world highest rates of road accidents in Argentina in which single-lane roads mostly found.

The Samsung’s Safety Truck camera was just introduced a few months back gaining very positive responses from a lot of countries, especially, the targeted one. The Korean grand company is going on developing its new revolutionary product to dig more. Not yet available estimated price since the manufacturer needs more time to count down its production cost.

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