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Tuners G-Power have mocked over BMW


German tuning studio G-Power has presented the program of completions at once for two models BMW of last generation: coupe M3 E46 and roadster Z4M.

The 3,2-litre six-cylinder engine have completed with centrifugal supercharger ASA TM I 20, having increased power with 343 to 450 h.p., and twisting moment — with 365 to 450 Nm. As a result of coupe M3 about 200 km/h for 14,7 seconds, for 3,4 seconds faster the standard version are dispersed. The maximum speed exceeds 300 km/h.

Besides, adjustable suspension bracket RS enters into a tuning package with nine positions, 20-inch wheel disks with tyres dimension 245/30 on a forward axis and 285/25 — on back, and also louder sports muffler.

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Tuners G-Power have mocked over BMW {tuning}