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BMW announces the sport car


Today in foreign mass-media the theme about possibility of the beginning of manufacture by the Bavarian concern BMW of model 135 SuperSport which can already appear on sale in a year again is discussed.

BMW 135 SuperSport

BMW 135 SuperSport becomes the most powerful updating of the car of 1st series. The model, which length on 135 mm is shorter than sedan Mitsubishi Evo X, on 37% will be more powerful than a Japanese car.

According to all available information, BMW 135 SuperSport it begins to be completed with the 6-cylinder motor with two turbines. Power of the engine will make about 400HP, the maximum twisting moment will reach an order of 500Nm. As writes WCF, BMW 135 SuperSport it begins to be completed with a 7-high-speed transmission with two couplings, differential and a suspension bracket from model BMW M3.

Concept car BMW Tii

It is expected, that the car will be powerful 1400 kg is created on the basis of concept car BMW Tii. The car debut can take place the next months, and in sale BMW 135 SuperSport will arrive in 2011.

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BMW announces the sport car {updated}