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Studio Väth has finished an old E-class last time

Mercedes E-class

Almost all family of a Mercedes of the E-class with factory index W211 — history.

Already the sedan, a coupe and even "charged" E 63 AMG in new 212th body with might and main are on sale. However, is not present while the versatile person of last generation. And time so not to improve late yet present E 63 AMG Estate. What not without success engineers of bureau Väth have made.

Experts from Germany did not begin to stint improvements. To walk so to walk! On motor V8 6.2 which are giving out 514 h.p., have replaced a software and have completed the car with the sports air filter. A result — 580 h.p. New return has demanded installation of the truncated springs reducing a road clearance on 35 mm, and six-piston brake mechanisms.

Certainly, has not managed and without a different sort of trifles on an external weather-cloth, 20-inch disks, salon with furnish from a skin and other pleasant details. All completions keep within in 140 thousand euro for fully completed the versatile person.

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Studio Väth has finished an old E-class last time {motor industry}