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The German magazine has declassified cabriolet Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

German edition Auto Motor und Sport has published official photos and the first information about cabriolet Mercedes-Benz E-Class of new generation. The car, which world premiere will take place in the beginning of January of next year on a motor show in Detroit, will receive the soft developing roof developing in a special compartment in a luggage carrier for 20 seconds. And this operation can be carried out for the speed to 40 km/h. In the combined condition the top reduces useful volume of a luggage carrier by 90 litres — to 300 litres.

New cabriolet Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Also the four-seater cabriolet begins to be equipped with a special spoiler on an edge of a windshield which increases height by 20 centimetres and cuts running stream of air from passengers, besides, allows to lower aerodynamic noise. The corner of attack of a spoiler can be adjusted at own will.

Let's notice, that the novelty also will receive modernised system Airscarf special compartments in headrests of the armchairs, submitting at driving without a roof hot air to necks of passengers.

Cabriolet Mercedes-Benz

Cabriolet E-Class

Interior cabriolet E-Class

Interior Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Interior cabriolet E-Class

The scale of engines new Mercedes-Benz E-Class remains to the same, as at a coupe. Four-cylinder petrol turbo-engines enter into a ruler with direct injection of fuel. The price for cabriolet E-Class yet are not informed.

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The German magazine has declassified cabriolet Mercedes-Benz E-Class {turbo}