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Audi TT RS — total perfection

Audi RS

In company Audi AG very much like to operate accurately and clearly. After a premiere of serial model practically time of sports version S at once comes, and the gloomy determination in the name of the RS-version leaves trace on a scene also. Certainly, last option exists only for several models. As a rule, the given version wait more strongly the others, after all it as a rule an embodiment of high technologies which became for a long time already the company motto.

Recently family RS totaled only two models — RS4 and RS6. Someone even has started to think of extinction of this kind, but recently left new Audi RS6, and the absolute novelty — Audi TT RS has appeared trace also. It is quite probable, that in Audi TT RS, sports more than in the predecessor.

Here only hardly these sports can be beheld from apart. The impression is made, that appearance sports Audi create specially that they were not especially allocated in a city stream. Certainly, changes are, but they, as always, the trivial. There are 18-inch disks, in a forward bumper there are the big air inlets, slightly changed back bumper with an exhaust pipe.

New Audi TT RS

Audi TT

Knowing people will ask at once a question about the engine which really deserves that in it were interested. The five-cylinder turbo-motor is history Audi. For the first time, the engine has appeared in 1980, giving out 200HP. Now an old tandem have diluted with direct injection FSI and it has turned out, that the new interpretation created from a blank leaf, quite adequately continues old victorious traditions. The beginner only 183 kg, working volume of 2,5 litres, and power of 340HP.

So it turns out about 136HP from one litre of volume. The twisting moment of this engine in 450Nm. To 100 km/h Audi TT RS it is dispersed for 4,6 sec, all for 0,1 sec overtaking a roadster.

Roadster Audi TT RS

Having seen any model from series RS, you precisely want to look in salon, to sit in improbable armchairs or simply to be taken for a hi-tech wheel.

At the disposal of the driver there is a chronometre to measure the circles on a line, and also standard pair of the gauges showing pressure of the turbine and temperature of oil. Besides it there is button Sport switching the car in a sports mode. The motor, a suspension bracket and ESP — all passes in a fighting mode. Besides in an exhaust system the special valve that the exhaust sound too corresponded to speed is switched.

So with occurrence in a RS-series of the new version of the old best seller under a cowl all only have won. Having kept old advantages, engineers have increased them, having added with weight of adrenaline and strict appearance, not without the aid of designers, certainly.

This model for a long time waited, occurrence Audi TT RS expected after announcement Audi TTS. Certainly, it is fine. Here only fans of a TT also do not know now, that else it is possible to wish. Probably, it is necessary to dream only absolutely new generation.

Compact car Audi TT

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Audi TT RS — total perfection {turbo}