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FBL Sport M3: the bad guy

BMW M3 — one of those sports cars who is better for spoiling nothing.

And if to try "to make better", to be limited better to external changes. Children from FBL Sport together with RDSport have concerned "prorolling" of appearance with all gravity. As well as many automobile owners, they too consider, that true «BMW» should be black.

And not simply black. After on М3 have stuck a weather-cloth with a huge air inlet in front, an impressive back air inlet, have put spoilers-fins on a luggage carrier and a roof, and disks have painted in black matte, it seemed, that still there is no something especial. It has appeared, such programs are at all tuners respecting — recently about the same complex of completions has organised MWDesign...


Then FBL Sport have decided to paint М3 in matte black that any patches of light on the sun, and at night, coming back from a party, it was possible to falter unintentionally about a handsome man facing to garage. About the "prorolling" price while no information is present.

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FBL Sport M3: the bad guy {tuning}