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Ferrari has officially presented supercar F430 successor

Supercar Ferrari

On Tuesday company Ferrari has officially presented new supercar which becomes the most younger model in scale of eight-cylinder cars of mark and will be shown general public September of this year on automobile show in Frankfurt.

The novelty received the name 458 Italia and developed in studio Pininfarina, will come in the stead Ferrari F430.

The supercar is constructed on the aluminium chassis and equipped by special aerodynamic elements reducing resistance to a running stream of air. Supercar Ferrari F430 is completed by 570-strong 4,5-litre motor V8 with direct injection of fuel and the seven-step robotised transmission with two couplings.

Legendary Ferrari

The maximum twisting moment of this engine makes 540 Nm.
According to Ferrari, from zero to hundred kilometres per hour the novelty can be dispersed for 3,4 seconds. The maximum speed of the car will make more than 320 kilometres per hour.

Besides, rear-wheel Ferrari 458 Italia has received active differential E-Diff, carbon-ceramic brake mechanisms with system "prefill", 20-inch wheel disks, and also "closed" air inlets of a forward bumper (hidden behind a grid of ventilating apertures aerodynamic elements block air stream, reducing resistance).

Ferrari Italia

It is expected, that on sale in the European market the novelty will appear in the beginning of next year.

Cost Ferrari 458 Italia will make about 170 thousand euro.

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Ferrari has officially presented supercar F430 successor {present}