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Tata Motors it's full determination to get well-known studio Pininfarina

Studio Pininfarina

Family Pininfarina owning well-known design company Pininfarina SpA, has employed Italian Banca Leonardo for sale of a control package of the firm, has informed a source in the company. As informs Reuters, sale of a package of the developer of design for various models Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Cadillac, Jaguar, Volvo, Alfa Romeo and Lancia is a transaction part on settlement of debts Pininfarina before banks.

Company Pincar which supervises family actives, at the same time, a family completely does not leave completely with Pininfarina SpA, and reserves the right to itself the full participant of board of directors. As the future investors are called French financier Vincent Bollore and Indian Tata Motors Ltd. In a consortium with Fiat SpA.

The studio of autodesign Pininfarina is created in the thirtieth years of last century and is since then family business. In the company work about 3 thousand persons. The company has started to experience financial difficulties still couple of years back. So, in April, 2008 Pininfarina has officially informed on the intention to sell 25% of actives. The Italian company planned to direct a part of this money to firm Bollore for payment of creation of an electromobile.

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