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Violent Dodge Challenger has received well-known motor Hemi 426

Dodge Challenger SRT8

Also what this number — 426 means? Given number motor-car manufacturers marked a flagman variant of motor Hemi in working volume of 426 cubic inches, or seven litres. The similar engine terribly growled in bowels of legendary car Plymouth Barracuda.

Time has not spared mark Plymouth, and engine Hemi of such engine capacity at serial cars too is not present. But desperate situations does not happen, truly? And sensible engineers from studio Mr. Norm’s Garage it have made. Eventually, they work with cars of concern Chrysler from the middle of the last century.

Challenger SRT8

Tuners took for a basis updating SRT8 with 425-strong motor Hemi 6.1 to which have increased working volume to seven litres, have changed the program of management and, the main thing, have completed supercharger Kenne Bell. Thanks to the last in characteristics of the modernised engine one more three of cheerful figures — 750 "horses" was added.

Appearance completion was not less labour-consuming. Open versions among Challenger's updatings are not present, therefore masters of bureau Mr. Norm’s Garage cut off a roof, in passing having altered forward and back parts of the car in conformity with an ex-terrier of cabriolet Hemi Cuda of the third generation.

Dodge SRT8

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Violent Dodge Challenger has received well-known motor Hemi 426 {power}