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Volkswagen Scirocco from JE Design: all force in colour
Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco, to Europe it is delivered with diesel two-litre units, power of 140 and 170 horsepowers.

And so, German studio JE Design also undertook completion of the European diesel couple. Of 140 horsepowers it is squeezed out 180. The twisting moment is lifted from a mark of 320 Nm to 400 Nm. And as a bonus to these updatings the dispersal reduced by 0,9 seconds to hundred — 8,4 seconds and the increased speed — 213 km/h is got.

With the 170-strong motor the same history. Germans have increased level of initial power to 205 horsepowers, and the maximum turning moment — with 350 to 410 Nm. As a result, Scirocco makes jerk to hundred kilometres per hour for 7,1 seconds (that for 0,7 seconds faster the serial version), and the general indicator of speed of a hatchback increases on seven kilometres per hour — to 229 km/h.

By the way, in creation JE Design transformations not only are interesting to a technical part. Germans after all have taken care and of an external cover. A forward spoiler, the "skirt", the chromeplated branch pipes and... Brightly — I even would tell is caustic-green colour of a body. Now your hot hatchback is ready to fight! It is necessary to pay only for full transformation about 5 thousand euro...

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Volkswagen Scirocco from JE Design: all force in colour {Volkswagen}