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VW Scirocco has received 370HP


The German studio MR Car Design specialising on operational development of lineup Volkswagen Group, has presented new updating of coupe Scirocco under name Black Rocco.

Volkswagen Scirocco Black Rocco coupe

The first, that is evident at acquaintance with Volkswagen Scirocco is a black matte colour of a body thanks to which the car, actually, and has received name Black Rocco. In studio MR Car Design model have equipped in a small body-kit, having completed with a forward and back bumper, and also have improved an exhaust system.

Finish external metamorphoses Volkswagen Scirocco Black Rocco red a support, 20-inch carbon disks and inscriptions on a body.

VW Scirocco

Has not done without intervention of tuners in engine work. Of 2L forced 210-strong engine TFSI in volume to 370HP, and the maximum twisting moment have increased almost to 520Nm.

Have completed Volkswagen Scirocco Black Rocco with differential of the strengthened friction, brake system of firm Stoptech and new adjustable springs from company KW Automotive. Studio MR Car Design management holds back cost of operational development of model.

Scirocco by MR Car Design

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VW Scirocco has received 370HP {Volkswagen}