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BMW M3 by Vorsteiner [tuning version]

Coupe BMW M3

BMW M3 (coupe)

At studio Vorsteiner not only a name German, but also predilections. The firm specializes on tuning Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. However, the tuning studio not somewhere in Saxony or Silesia, and in solar California settles down. Is, the truth, at a bureau the division which is engaged in "Japanese", but works it under own name — Ventross. That have not mixed.

And coupe BMW M3 studio Vorsteiner has made the limited series of tuning complete sets GTS3 for a sedan. By the way, at the Californian tuners the Bavarian cars use special honor.

New BMW M3 Coupe


In a case with «M3» Americans have gone on the blazed way. Studio Vorsteiner counter — a weather-cloth and a cowl from the hydrocarbon, improving aerodynamics and allowing to lower car weight. The titanic exhaust system allows to save additional kgs. However, about seconds and dollars in office hold back.

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BMW M3 by Vorsteiner [tuning version] {Vorsteiner}