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Company Renault has decided to stop manufacture Vel Satis

Vel Satis

Sometimes to come too early where is worse, than to be late. While BMW, Audi, Porsche in eager rivalry offer five-door hatchbacks business- and a premium-class, firm Renault has made the decision on the termination of release of flagman model Vel Satis.

Vel Satis, mass-produced seven years ago, became the first hatchback of a business class. Company Renault, generating one-volume imaginations one another is more unusual, has decided to "compete" with a Mercedes in respect of creation of the competitor to the E-class. Losing to Germans in image and reliability, Frenchmen have tried to take originality.

Working out of model Vel Satis constructed on one platform with the Lagoon of the previous generation and minivan Espace, has managed all in half-billion euro.

However, neither a spacious body, nor borrowed at Nissan engine V6, impressing safety — nothing has helped Renault Vel Satis...

The risk has appeared unjustified, and company Renault stamped all these years Vel Satis more likely to spite, than on sale...

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Company Renault has decided to stop manufacture Vel Satis {Vel Satis}