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Car Renault will replace SPA-salon

Electrocar Zoe

Model ZOE Z.E. Is planned to go to a batch production in 2012. The car is developed together with company Biotherm (division L'Oreal).

The car from L’Oreal

French company Renault and the manufacturer of cosmetic means L’Oreal create the unique car. ZOE Z.E. Will care not only about nature health (Zoe Z.E. — an electromobile with zero level of emissions), but also about health of passengers (safety, namely health means not).

The car roof is designed so, that can protect both from a heat, and from a cold, and from ultra-violet beams. Besides, the car uses energy of the sun for gymnastics of batteries. ZOE Z.E. Filters air arrived in salon, and keeps a skin of the person young and healthy. Air central air constantly supervises optimum for a skin of the person a climate in salon.

Electrocar Renault


The system of protection against pollution and toxic exhausts itself closes air lines and includes clearing filters if in air out of the car substances harmful to an organism are found out.

Electrocar Renault ZOE Z.E.

At last, ZOE Z.E. Sprays on the car aromatic oils depending on current requirements of the driver: invigorating — in the morning, weakening — in the end of the working day, and power — at night. Thus, salon ZOE Z.E. Turns to the SPA-salon arranged under the person.

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Car Renault will replace SPA-salon {ZOE}