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Details new BMW 3-Series
Coupe 3-Series
In two years on automobile show in Frankfurt company BMW plans to present model 3-Series new generation which will receive serious changes in a technical stuffing, electronics and design. On it informs British edition Autocar referring to not named high-ranking sources in BMW.

BMW 3-Series Coupe

For BMW 3-Series following generation the scale of motors at the expense of three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines which will be cheaper in manufacture will be expanded, than similar under "four" characteristics, however will demand specific options of the chassis. It is expected, that the new 1,5-l diesel engine begins to develop about 150HP, and the maximum twisting moment will make 297Nm. The same power will be and at the petrol unit, however the twisting moment — on 67Nm is less. Besides, by 2016 of the turbine in these motors will receive the electromotor.

Also for this model engineers-designers have lowered factor of aerodynamic resistance to 0,24. According to representatives of the German company, only 40% of this indicator depend on proportions and the body form, and the rest — how air streams under a cowl smooth out, in wheel arches, about wheels and brakes, and also under the car bottom. The attention of designers BMW is concentrated to improvement of aerodynamics of these elements.

Besides, future generation BMW 3rd series will receive the eight-step automatic transmission, new system of a heater which will "take away" heat from the heated up final system, the hybrid version, possibility of access to the Internet and light engineering with a low consumption level of the electric power.

BMW Coupe 3-Series

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Details new BMW 3-Series {updated}