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Logo Starbucks

Evolution of logo Starbucks, perhaps, most amusing of all presented here.

Look at the very first siren-mermaid in a circle. The Rubens beauty without a navel, with two tails and a magnificent breast — excellent, very ridiculous image. The company explanation is even more ridiculous: "It was supposed, that this siren as is seductive, as well as coffee Starbucks".

Starbucks logo

When in 1987 Starbucks has united with company Il Giornale, the logo became more chaste and more accurate.

Mammary glands have covered with magnificent hair, have attached a navel on the necessary place and have made general "zoom" on a siren not so to draw attention of an audience to thoughts on that, what for to a siren two tails and whether are that interesting between them.


In 1992 the logo became such what is at present. The consumer already have closely moved up to the mermaid, and a distressful navel it not became visible.

Starbucks {Starbucks}