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Bentley free of charge distributes Continental GT

The oligarch

English companies Bentley and Pearl Motor Yachts have entered into the partner agreement to be kept afloat during a present economic crisis.

According to the contract, at purchase of the goods of firm Pearl Motor Yachts, the client will receive an unusual gift from motor-car manufacturer Bentley.

Within the limits of the partner agreement between Bentley and Pearl Motor Yachts, each client of company Pearl Motor Yachts who have bought a yacht under name Pearl 60, in a gift will absolutely free of charge receive coupe Bentley Continental GT.

In interview to edition Boating Business, one of heads Pearl Motor Yachts, has noticed, that many clients of firm are aficionados of models Bentley so the given partnership is favourable to both parties.

The action under the name "Buy Pearl 60 and receive Bentley Continental GT" will last till September, 20th. Cost of one yacht makes about $1.5 million.

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Bentley free of charge distributes Continental GT + yacht