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The studio 9ff has strengthened Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

Masters of German of tuning studio 9ff, specialising on completion of cars of mark Porsche, have shown version Panamera Turbo.

The main feature — the 641-strong engine. 4,8-litre motor V8 completed in standard Panamera Turbo, develops 493HP.

As informs Autocar, the base package of completions from tuners 9ff for Panamera - 9ffPT-55 — has increased power of the engine to 545HP, a package 9ffPT-60 — to 592HP, and at last TOP 9ffPT-65 — to 641HP.

Such results managed to achieve thanks to installation of turbines and the sports air filter. Tuners have worked and over appearance Panamera. So, the car has received new skirts on each side, a new back bumper, the big back spray and four rear exhaust pipes. Also the car is completed by 22-inch carbon disks.

I will remind, that manufacture of 4-door sports limousine Panamera has begun in June of this year at factory Porsche in Leipzig. This car is considered the first luxury family Porsche.

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The studio 9ff has strengthened Porsche Panamera {updated}