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The studio 9ff will make 1120-strong cabriolet GT9-R

Porsche Coupe

The German tuning studio 9ff is full determination to make the open version of car GT9-R presented in 2008 on automobile show in Essen.

Novelty will make in the limited circulation in three copies, originally — for the market of the United Arab Emirates. If all series will not buy up, the remained cars will offer other customers.

Coupe Porsche 9ff GT9-R which will make in circulation in 20 pieces, equip with 4 litre engine power of 1120HP, twisting moment — 1050Nm. Dispersal to 96 km/h for 2,8 seconds, the maximum speed — 413,51 km/h. It above a record of speed for the serial cars, officially registered by model SSC Ultimate Aero — 411,71 km/h.

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