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Aston Martin has shown in Geneva a DBS Volante

Cult car Aston Martin

The British manufacturer of luxury cars Aston Martin has brought on international the motor-show in Geneva the open version of the favourite car of James Bond — cabriolet DBS Volante. The car is equipped by the 6-litre 12-cylinder engine established on classical DBS which capacity makes 510HP at a twisting moment of 570Nm.

Cabriolet DBS Volante

This unit is established together with 6-speed mechanical and gear boxes. The acceleration time to 100 km/h occupies at Aston Martin DBS Volante 4,3 seconds, and the maximum speed of a cabriolet is equal 307 km/h. This unit is established together with a 6-speed mechanical gear box. On such car it is not a shame to approach on doors of cult night club Studio 54.

Luxury car

Let's notice that on a motor show in Geneva the motor-car manufacturer also has shown crossover Lagonda, superpowerful coupe One-77 and Vantage, equipped with the 12-cylinder motor.

DBS Volante

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