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Citroen C4 with a new make-up

Citroen C4

Since new C4 was issued in 2004, it, as a matter of fact, was never updated.

And to make any changes of the French company it was not required. Model C4 became one of the most successful projects for all history of the French firm. For 4 years the car has dispersed worldwide in the circulation close to a mark of 900 thousand of copies. In 2006 on a motor show in New York it has received the award «Best Design Of Year» within the limits of the world competition «The Car Of Year 2006». The Principal cause of a gain of the higher award was possibility to combine in one — two independent bodies — a coupe and a 5-door hatchback.

Also a considerable role such characteristic feature of design and style of cars Citroen, as smoothness of lines. Despite prestigious awards, heads nevertheless have decided to bring in the car a fresh stream — 4 years for the car, let even very successful, in 21 century term not small though the car droplets is not has become outdated in this time. However to it, as well as any beauty, it was necessary to make changes to the appearance as the constancy, let even very beautiful, can gradually bore. However, any revolutionary changes has not occurred.

In interior have improved a metre panel — now all indications are read out accurately at any degrees of illumination. There from a place over a steering tube have moved a tachometre. There were sockets for connection of entertaining devices of type Apple iPod, and also additional variants of an inner trim. And here a unique wheel with the motionless centre have decided not to touch. Under a car cowl will establish two new gasoline engines which the French company has developed together with BMW, capacity of 120 and 150HP. Representatives Citroen promise that motors have added in productivity, to profitability and became more friendly to environment.

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Citroen C4 with a new make-up {updated}