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Citroen prepares the most "transparent" hatchback in the world

Citroen C3

The huge windshield Zenith stretched to the middle of a roof, — the first, on what you pay attention at a sight at novelty Citroen.

"Monoliths" of such sizes were not offered still by any motor-car manufacturer, not saying that on midget cars similar glasses in general were never put! For "forward passengers", windshield Zenith, creates effect of absence of a roof, thus, toning, with smoothly changing depth of blackout, saves their heads from solar beams.

Besides an original windshield, the novelty can brag of excellent aerodynamics of a body (Сх=0,30), promoting reduction of the expense of fuel and harmful emissions in atmosphere. From the moment of the beginning of sales Citroen C3 it will be equipped with a 90-strong ­ turbodiesel with level of emission СО2 of only 99 g/km — in many European Union countries buyers of such cars receive a solid bonus from the state.

By 2011 this model "will even more become green": in a ruler of power units there will be turbodiesels with system Start/Stop of new generation, and also the petrol 3-cylinder motors which are throwing out less of 100 grammes of soot on kilometre of a way.

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Citroen prepares the most "transparent" hatchback in the world {turbo}