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Experts B&B have developed 595-strong Audi Q7

Off-road Audi Q7

Tuners from studio B&B, specialising on operational development of a lineup of German concern Audi, have presented the program for restyling to the version of off-road car Q7.

Off-road Audi Q7 by tuning studio B&B

Studio B&B tuners have decided not to limit creative process by one only to a styling-package, having finished and technical part Audi Q7. Cost of a bodi-kit makes €3498, new bumpers, a back spoiler and some more details of an ex-terrier enter into this sum.

But appearance of model does not cause such admiration, as the power ruler modernised by masters B&B. Experts have worked over the most popular motors of a German off-road car, having begun with diesel V 3L. Engineers have increased power of the engine to 325HP, and the maximum twisting moment have increased to 640Nm.

From V 4.2L was possible to "squeeze out" 400HP and 900Nm of the twisting moment. With this installation, Audi Q7 about 100 km/h of all for 6 sec are dispersed, and the maximum speed is limited 250 km/h.

Modernisation of engines Audi Q7

But in studio are proud most of all of the results reached in work with other diesel engine. Engineers B&B were not afraid to modernise 6-l unit V12, having made the engine is more powerful on 95HP. Now the motor develops 595HP and 1270Nm of the twisting moment.

Supplement an external tuning package carbon wheel disks with dimension 20, 22 and 23 inches. Cost of one complete set starts from a mark €3998. The studio suggests to underestimate also planting of an off-road car to 50 mm, but for this operation it is necessary to lay out from a purse still €985.

Off-road car Q7

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Experts B&B have developed 595-strong Audi Q7 {tuning}