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Audi has presented new sedan A8

New sedan A8

On Monday in the USA the world premiere of sedan Audi A8 of new generation has taken place. This car hardly became larger than the predecessor (the car on 75 mm more long, on 55 mm is wider and on 16 mm more low), and a body executed from aluminium, — for 24% is more rigid.

New sedan Audi A8

Besides, all versions A8 already in "base" will receive all-wheel drive transmission quattro with interaxal differential Torsen. Occurrence of more accessible engines and powerful versions V10 and W12 is expected within next one and a half years.

The new sedan will be equipped with the whole set of new systems of safety and entertainments. In particular, the car will receive system Pre Sense which can not only prepare the driver and the passenger for inevitable collision, closing windows and pulling seat belts but also to supervise space round the car, warning collisions on small speeds and arrivals behind. Besides, A8 will receive system of night vision, system of recognition of pedestrians, adaptive cruise-control, light-emitting diode headlights of head light and so on.

Sedan A8

Audi sedan A8

Interior sedan A8

Interior Audi A8

Audi A8

Audi A8 new generation

On sale Audi A8 of new generation will appear in March, 2010. The base car with a 3-l diesel engine in Europe will cost about 59,000 euro, and the version with petrol V8 will manage approximately in 65,000 euro.

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Audi has presented new sedan A8 {updated}